I cant turn on motion detection!

Hi! I cant turn on motion detection on my Ring camera! When I try I’ll get redirected to the page where I setup the motion detection zones! And it says: Snapshot is updating! What should I do?


Hi @user26086. Have you finished setting up the Motion Zones? Before attempting to toggle the motion detection on, tap the Motion Settings tile under your Security Camera and tap Edit Zones. Once the Motion Zones are configured to your liking, then try toggling the motion detection on. It’s also important to ensure you are on the latest version of the Ring app and that your phone’s software is up to date.

I’m having the same issue i’m trying to find out how to fix this i’ll let you know when and if I find out. It’s annoying because I accidentally turned it off and now I can’t turn it back on! It does the same thing you said.

Found it listing it here if anyone needs it in the future: Try turning it on by going to ring.com itself (the website not the app) worked perfectly for me!(most likely a application issue should fix this in a future update!)

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Hi @31iazar, thank you for sharing the workaround that resolved this for you. I’ve let my teams know so they can look into this. For now, any neighbors who are unable to toggle on motion detection should sign into their account on Ring.com and turn it on there.

Hi neighbors. Our teams have since resolved this issue preventing the motion detection toggle from working in the Ring app for iOS. Please update your Ring app with the latest version from the app store and test it out. Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile: