I can't log on to ring on the website or app as of today using wifi or ethernet

The only way I can now log on to ring on the website or app is by using mobile data(which is how I am able to post this)
Whether it be WiFi on my phone, tried 5 other phones and 3 tablets no go
Ethernet on my pc it just won’t log in
I’ve used ring since last December without issues until today
I’ve changed nothing on my Asus router
I use no vpn
Literally nothing has changed on my end
On the site it says invalid email or password
On the app, an error occurred trying to perform the operation
Note this is nothing to do with the doorbell
It’s the ring account itself, dam thing just won’t let me log in
I can confirm the problem is on your end
I disabled my own router and connected directly to my virgin media hub which is supplied by my Internet provider, I still can’t login to ring anywhere, site or app
Mobile data… Works straight away everytime
Please fix this!!!