I can't get the 10% discount applied in the shop

Plan active, trial period complete and within the terms and conditions - assume account setting problem - but can’t find any contact option to speak to ring support - any help would be appreciated

You’re not the only one. It doesn’t appear to work!

I took out Protect Plus two days ago and want to purchase stick up cams and battery. Check out not showing 10% discount and can’t be applied retrospectively. What are we all supposed to do??

Hi neighbors! The best first step here will be to ensure your purchase is eligible for the 10% discount by checking these terms. If you feel like your purchase meets the criteria, our support team will be happy to assist further with applying the discount. :slight_smile:

That would be great, but clicking the link just brings me back to community support pages only. Can you not just fix the problem so my account correctly identifies the applicable discount?

I have had the same issue. Ended up resorting to chat and going through all the things I had tried.

Eventually purchased whilst on chat and provided my order number and they refunded the 10 per cent a couple of days later.

Tried to purchase some more stuff today but the discount is not showing again!!!

This needs to be sorted, glad in a way that it is not just me with the issue!

I purchased a doorbell while signed in and on the Costco 12 month plan and don’t see the 10% discount. I can’t get ahold of sales/support. Any ideas on what the issue is?