I bought some smart light switches so I can have them turn on automatically at night

I bought 2 enbrighten z-wave light switches for the purpose of having them automatically turn on and off during night time and day time.

I just finished installing them and to my surprise I can’t even install them because I don’t have an alarm. I have the bridge that I purchased and later found out I didn’t even need it with the floodlight cameras I bought. I though I could use this bridge I bought to control my light switches. But apparently it can’t be used to control a light switch.

Now after doing more research even if I do buy the alarm so I can control my light switches. I won’t be able to set a schedule to turn them on and off automatically lmao.

I feel like I have already wasted so much money on things I don’t need or are incompatible with what I want to do.

If I can’t do dusk dawn with ring and these switches, what is the cheapest way to make these smart switches actually smart and be able to have them automatically turn on at night.

So I want to clarify some things. Are your Ring Floodlights connected to these smart switches? Are you trying to set up the floodlights to turn on at a specific time or somehow connect them to your future Ring alarm? The floodlights do have a dusk to dawn feature which you can set in the Ring app. Just go to “device schedule” then “light schedule” and there’s a dusk and dawn option.

If you’re trying to have the light switches turn on in response to the alarm going off, unfortunately as of now there’s no alarm trigger function to do that. What bridge are you using? I have SmartThings which connects to my z-wave switches just fine. You can set a light switch schedule through the SmartThings app.

I’m just trying to have my porch and garage lights come on at night automatically and turn off during the day.

I have the ring smart lighting bridge. A waste of $50. I thought it could connect to and control z-wave devices…