Huawei P40 Pro & Ring devices

Hi all
Cannot manage to have full operational ring devices after I installed app to my new mobile Huawei P40 Pro which has no Google services.
I believe you have to fix/upgrade app
or accept any other idea


Hey @tsagatakg. What is not working with the Ring app? If you do not have the app downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, it may not function as it should as these are supported app platforms. Let me know what seems to not be working with some more details and I’m happy to help out further!

Error message when open mobile ring app.
Cannot run without Google services
Ring, motion alert Notifications not working
I have Huawei p40 pro
Need fix/upgrade the software to be operational again with this specific mobiles

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Did you get sorted? I’m not getting any notifications at all and I have a p40

Hey neighbors! I recently helped out another neighbor with the same type of phone here. If you go to this post, it details some of the limitations that the Huawei phone has. Please note that if you do not have the Google Play store on your phone and cannot get the Ring app downloaded from there, this may pose some concerns with the app behaving as it should. Downloads of the Ring app are only supported via the Google play store, Microsoft store (for Windows computers desktop app), and the Apple App Store. You can learn more about this on our help page here.

Can someone please assist and please dont respond with links that is already 4 years old as the android interface of current phones does not follow those routes anymore!!

I have a brand new p40lite huawei phone …i have a ring 3 , the app has been installed via apk store and everything works fine , live view settings etc etc


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Same boat here. And also have problem with Eufy

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I have the same problem, i have an Huawei phone without Google Mobile Services (GMS) and just downloaded the Ring-app via APKPure. When ever i start the app, it will display that the app isnt compatible with my device (Huawei Y5P 2020). It works fine. It just crashes sometimes.

A big issue is that i just do not get any notifications with Motion events. Or what i heard here, any action messages or anything.

Ring just needs to get the app on the Huawei AppGallery, and maybe they could work on compatiblity.

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Has there been any response on this topic

Hi I have just got a ring doorbell and can not get notifications from the app. The app all works correctly and I can view the camera just no notifications. I have tried micro g which fixed amazon photo but still no notifications from ring… Battery optimisation is off. Any body got a hint on how to get this working?