How to switch off motion detection for light on Spotlight Cam

I’m using Ring Spotlight Cam wired and can not disable the light.

My setting is “light off”, mode available and in the configuration motion detection is disable. This works for the camera but not for the light.

On every motion the light switches on. I switch it off in the app, check the settings (and all are set to off and no motion detection) but on next motion it switches on again,

Any idea how to solve this?

Many thanks!


Yes I also wonder… Besides turning off the motion sensors, why not implement a simple toggle into the app?

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I have the same issue/question. I hope someone replies to help. The only thing I’ve been able to do is go to Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights. Then turn off the 3 zones if I plan to be outside on the patio after dark.

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Hi neighbors! This is actually by design. While you are able to control the lights on your Spotlight Cam, including adjusting light motion settings separately from regular motion settings, the lights will still trigger when a normal motion activates. Even with the light zones off, if a motion activates the Camera to being recording, the lights are intended to trigger to illuminate the area.

The duration for how long these lights stay on after motion is detected can be changed, and the lights can be turned on/off manually within the app as well. Check out our help center article about controlling the lights on your Spotlight Cam for more information on this. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley for your reply but this isn’t the solution and it isn’t at it should (and could) work.

If i plan to do a party in my garden i like to use iluminated lights and therefore i don’t want to get the ring-cam light switched on.

With one of the latest app updates you allow to define and switch between different modes, I.e. in mode “available” you can set the action for each device. I set camera recording to off, motion alarm to off and ligth to off. Camera and Motion Alarm accept this but not Light Off. …and i think this is what the users want and is already implemented but with a bug regarding the light switch.

Please check this with development and let this fix in the next App update.

Thanks and kind regards


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I agree. I have a hard shut off switch to shut my flood light off. There should be a way via the app to turn the motion light COMPLETELY off without having to use a hard switch to the light.

Sometimes friends and family in the yard want to enjoy the dark with some tiki torches, fire pit etc.

Right now I have to find a WIFI switch to my flood light to make it do with what the Ring Flood light should EASILY be able to do.

I think I have figured out a way to do this.
But this stupid and could have been a design intent.
I created a schedule to turn of the lights disk to dawn for all days of the week.
Then I turn it off

Then on the nights I need the lights to stay off. I enable this schedule
This works