How to stop motion alerts on Doorbell Pro

I have installed a Video Dorbell Pro but am having trouble disabling/snoozing the motion alerts. I have just washed the car on my drive and the system has detected and sent over 20 motion alerts to my wife who isn’t impressed!

I have tried snoozing the door bell and the chime, I have tried turning off motion alerts on both door bell and chime but noting works so help please to save my marriage.

Sorry to hear about this experience @FrintonFogey! Motion alerts are controlled per user and device, which means shared users would want to disable alerts on their app. Motion scheduling will prevent alerts, but again, only for your app and not for shared users.

I recommend trying out the People Only feature in your Ring app. This will fine tune captured events to only human-like activity. In the scenario in which your own activity is setting off alerts, it will be best to toggle off the “motion alerts” toggle on both your app and the shared users’ app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for reply but nothing works! I already had ‘People Only’ selected and had both ‘Ring Alerts’ and ‘Motion Alerts’ switched off. I do not have any ‘Shared Users’ so my app is the only one used. Is there any other way I can isolate the chimes to eleminate unnecessary audio alarms?

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You’ve taken all the right steps to prevent alerts to your phone when desired. As for the Chime, it will have it’s own section in the Ring app where you can toggle the alerts off there. You can also unlink devices from the Chime entirely, through the Chime settings.

If a mobile device is still alerting, even with the steps you’ve taken, I recommend utilizing the silent mode feature on the mobile device itself. :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks for your response. Still no success, went to Dashboard, Device, Chimes, Audio Settings, Chime Notifications, and deselected motion alerts but the Chime still sounds when motion is detected on the drive. The only way is to power off the chimes but it is a pain to reconfigure every time! I will try and contatct Ring direct to see if there is a known fault.

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I have the same problem. Only my phone is installed this apps. I snoozed both door bell and chime, but still got motion alerts.

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Same issue here, the motion alerts keep coming even though motion alerts is turned off.

It seems like this is clearly a software issue that Ring has not fixed yet.

Would be nice to get a confirmation.