How to stop delayed notifications on the web

I’m not sure if I have the right tag for this. I have the Ring app on my laptop as well. While I’m using it, it notifies me every time someone’s at the front door, which is fine. The problem is, when it goes into sleep mode, it doesn’t notify, but when I start using it again, it shows me everything that happened during the (possibly several hours) of non use, one by one.
I just don’t know how to stop this from happening. It is very annoying but even worse, if you open your computer to join a Zoom meeting and you can’t make Ring SHUT UP :grinning: you can do nothing but mute yourself, which can get embarrassing if you get asked a question
I looked in settings; couldn’t find anything, to stop it
I have another, unrelated question - doesn’t seem worthwhile starting a new thread. A while back I found a setting where I could change the ring for other sounds (can’t find it today) and I set if for dog barking. It never worked. Meant to ask about it, but it wasn’t that important.
Today, all of the sudden, I could hear barking sounds when the doorbell rang, but the person ringing the doorbell couldn’t. What is the good of that?

Hi @csutak40. I would suggest logging out of the Ring app when you need to use your computer for a Zoom meeting. This should stop any unwanted notifications from happening. If you don’t want to log out, you could try using the Snooze feature!

The Dogs Barking tone can only be heard from a Chime or phone/tablet that is logged into Ring. This cannot be heard from the Doorbell itself. If you’d like to turn up the volume at the Doorbell, you can do that in the Ring app. Just tap on the Device Settings tile and select General Settings. I hope this information helps!