How to stop constant motion alerts when outside w/o Disabling Detector

Have 2 floodlight w/cameras. When I’m outside on the deck I get constant motion alerts one after telling me I’m out there. I’m generaly in and out all day. How do I stop the continuous alerts w/out disabling the motion feature or turning the light switch /power off completely? Thank you!

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Set up a motion schedule or snooze the motion alerts

Honestly, I NEVER want motion alerts through Alexa. But no matter what setting I change, my Echo devices constantly tell me that something is moving at my front entrance. I don’t mind a chime or something like that, but “Motion detected at your front entrance!” echoing through the house is unacceptable.

And snoozing the motion alerts is a non-starter.

Any suggestions?

Hey @RevBurton, happy to chime in here with some guidance. It sounds like you may want to disable the Motion Announcements for your Ring devices within the Alexa App. To do this, you’ll want to open up the Alexa App > tap Devices at the bottom right > tap your Ring > toggle off Motion Announcements. You should also be able to select Announcement Devices to choose which devices make an announcement if you wanted a specific Echo device to do so, but not the others. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Caitlyn, thanks.

You are right, but I had to go into the Alexa app and disable it three times before it finally “took”. I had tried once already, but after multiple tries it actually worked.

I still am not sure how to stop the door alert of “Bee-BOOP!” when one of my doors opens, though.

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@RevBurton Are you referring to the alert when a door or window with a Contact Sensor on it is opened? You can disable these chirp tones within the Ring App for each specific sensor, or entirely when the system is disarmed.

To disable the chirp tones on a specific Contact Sensor, open up the Ring App > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor > Chirp Tones > None. This will allow you to silence the alert for a specific Contact Sensor, or you can go to Main Menu > Settings > Modes > and tap on one of the Modes, which will give you a Chirps option to enable or disable the chirp tones for all the Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: