How to share location with husband

We recently purchased a floodlight cam and I set it all up in my account and shared with my husband although at the time he did not have an account and therefore did nothing.
Today I have created an account for him and resent the request but it did not work.
I have read in the forum that it is not currently possible to share a floodlight device and so I was wondering - how can I share the location? I have tried to go into the location and add his email address but the “Send Invite” button is permanently greyed out and it will therefore not let me send it. I want to make sure that the Arm/Disarm messages take into account his presence as well as my own.

Hi @Jane21. You cannot share a specific location with a Shared User, rather you can share access to specific devices. This includes Floodlight Cams as you can share all Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras with Shared Users. If you go to your Shared Users, remove your husband if he shows up there and then try to send a new invite now that his Ring account has been created.

  1. Tap on the three lines at the top left on the Dashboard screen.
  2. Tap Devices .
  3. Tap on the device that you want to add a Shared User for.
  4. Tap Shared User (you might have to scroll to see it).
  5. Enter the email of the person you want to add as a Shared User (make sure this email matches the one that your husband used to create his Ring account).
  6. Tap Add User .
  7. Tap Send Invite .

After your husband accepts the invite, he should then have a second location added in his Ring App that says (Shared) in the title. Have him tap the location name at the top center of the screen in his Ring App to pull up a drop-down menu that should show this shared location so he can toggle to it. Let me know how that works for you! :slight_smile: