How to Select which Device is connected to which Chime Pro in Setup with two Chime Pros

I recently added a battery stick up camera in a location not so close to my first Chime Pro (used now for Doorbell and one Spotlight Cam) and a bit far away from the router. I installed a second Chime Pro without issue. When I add the battery stick up cam to my devices it only gives me an option for the house network or Chime Pro network. It doesnt give me the option to hook to the Chime Pro closest to the new cam. When I check the two different Chime Pros in the Device menu under Device health it is showing the same three devices connected to both Chime Pros. Is this normal? Does it automatically select the right Chime Pro?

It is not clear that it is working as it should where the device is using the chime pro closest to it.



Hi @cjmartin315. When you have multiple Chime Pros installed in your home, this is benefiting you! Once connected to the Ring app, the Chime Pros work with each other to help extend your home wifi network for your Ring devices. Therefore, if all Ring devices are connected to a Chime Pro network, it is working off of the multiple Chime Pros installed in your home to get the best signal possible. Hope this helps clear it up for you!