How to: Ring Account Security

At Ring, safety and security are at the core of everything we do. Which is why your Ring account is protected by advanced security features that help keep your account secure. Check out the Control Center, within the Ring mobile app, and see the tips below to learn more.

Two-Step Verification

This security feature helps keep your account secure by requiring that you enter a unique six-digit code/one-time password (OTP) whenever you log into your Ring account. It is required anytime you log in to the Ring mobile app, Rapid Ring app, Ring desktop app, Neighbors app,, and the Ring Community.

The image above shows the two options for how you can receive the code:

  • Text Message (SMS) - You will receive a text message with a unique six-digit code/OTP sent to the phone number associated with your account.
  • Email - You will receive an email with a unique six-digit code/OTP sent to the email address associated with your account.
  • Note: Two-step verification is required for each login. You can change your preferred method for receiving the six-digit code in the Control Center at any time.

Authorized Client Devices

This feature in the Control Center shows a list of all client devices that have logged into your Ring account since the last time you cleared the list. By selecting “Remove All”, all authorized client devices are logged out and you can start fresh. This way you’ll always know exactly what client devices are logged into your account. Learn more in this Community article.

Account Login Emails

These emails are designed to alert you when there is a new login to your account from a new device or browser, and they’re sent anytime somebody logs into your Ring account from a new device or browser. For example, if you log into and enter in your two-step verification code, you will receive a timestamped email letting you know about this login. Note: If you receive one of these emails and you think that the login was not authorized, make sure to change your password. Changing your password will log out all authorized client devices.

Shared Users

The Shared Users feature is an easy way to keep your account secure. You should never share your username (account email address) and password with others. If you want to give somebody access to your Ring device, we highly suggest you add them as a Shared User. If you no longer wish for someone to have access to the Ring devices as a Shared User, it’s easy to remove them from your account from the Shared Users section of the Control Center.

Using these security features and tips will help you keep your account secure.