How to install on casement window with screen attached?

Was going to purchase the Ring system, but I can’t see how I would be able to attach a contact sensor to my casement window that opens “outward” when the screen is attached as in this photo?

I don’t see how to attach two ends with the protection screen in place?

Hey @pbc, happy to chime in and offer some help here. Casement windows can create a special challenge with the Contact Sensors. Installing the sensor on your window frame and the magnet piece on the window may work for you, as long as there’s enough room for you to slide the sensor off to change the batteries occasionally. You can reference this Help Center Article here for some tips and photo examples that may help as well! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. If instead I went with the Ring Retro fit to use my existing window sensors (12 of them) and doors (5), I understand it can do “8 zones”.

Does that mean I could say do each door as it’s own zone, then setup a zone for front of house windows, back of house windows and basement windows sort of thing?

I.e., can I connect 17 legacy wired contact sensors?