How to I get the ring app to notify me and create a pop up whenever someone pushes the doorbell? How do I turn motion notify off all the way?

I would like to hear a chime and get a pop up whenever someone pushes the button on my doorbell. I would also like the I have regular and push notifications enabled and I get a chime and popup maybe 1 out of every 3 times. It always makes my plug in chime go off so I know the button isnt broken. How do I need to have my setting set up to make this happen? The guy at customer service said my internet connection was fine.

I would also like to have it so I dont get notifications for motion events. I have the setting turned off so I only get them once in a while (couple times a day), but I want them completely off all the time. How do I do this?

This is a problem with both our ring doorbells and on 3 separate devices so I have a feeling its operator error, but I’m not sure what I need to do. The folks at the ring customer service walked me through the settings on all my devices so I know they are all set up the same. I also have rapid ring installed on 2 devices, which is problematic itself, but when I do get notifications they sometimes come faster.

Hi @PuckTheDuck. These Help Center articles, iPhone or Android, should help you get your notifications to come through as intended. If you don’t want to receive Motion Alerts, you can turn them off in the Ring app once you have selected the Doorbell. Additionally, you can use Modes to have greater control over your Ring Devices. I hope this information helps!