How to get all motion alerts during day but silent; noise notification only at night

I have doorbell. I have iphone.
I want all the video and banner notifications, but want it to make no noise during day when I am in meetings all day- because I can see it. But I do want it to make noise at night, so I wake up.
I can’t figure out settings that will ensure that I get banners for motion and chime 24/7 but only get sound notifications at night.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Go into your iphone settings/notifications/ring and turn off sounds during the day then at night turn back on again.

Thanks. I appreciate that. But I can’t remember to manually do that twice a day. I was looking for some functionality in the app for that, but I can’t find any that allows you to schedule alerts and sounds separately by a schedule.

I don’t think you can do that in the Ring app

Hi Neighbors! Have you tried setting up a Motion Schedule? You can learn more about Motion Schedules in this Help Center article here.