How to extend mechanical bell duration

Just installed a Ring hardwired bell in place of a traditional pushbutton at my elderly mother’s property. I have managed to get it to operate the mechanical doorbells (and yes, they are bells, not chimes) but the Ring only closes the contacts for about half a second. That is not long enough to alert my mother - Ideally I would like the bells to continue to ring while the button is held, but if that is not possible, I need to be able to set the bells to ring for about two or three seconds.

I would also like to defeat the 60-second ‘guard’ timer which seems to prevent a second push of the button. 60 seconds is too long. 30 might be OK.

How can I adjust these parameters?
(I could add hardware to resolve the ‘short ring’ problem, but I can’t get round the 60 second dead time).

Hi @Broomwood. Unfortunately, there is not a way to change how this operates. If you are looking for something that plays for a longer duration, I would suggest a Chime or an Amazon Echo Dot. These are things that you can plug into a wall outlet and set the type on tone you hear, as well as the volume. I hope this is a good option for you.

Really! This is rubbish reply