How to Delete Account For Me But Keep for Wife

I set up a Ring account and have many devices set up. I want to no longer receive notifications and want my wife to receive them instead. I assume that if I delete my account all the device set up will go away which would be an enormous hassle to recreate. Is there a way my wife can have an account that is not associated with my email address so I am not getting the notifications from Ring?

One answer would be to keep your account, but change all the contact information to your wife. Then it is her account.

Thank you for the suggestion, but Ring does not allow any change in the email address associated with the account.

Hey there @Streamside! You can add your wife as a shared user for your devices so that she can be logged into her own account with her own email and get the notifications you would also get. You can learn more about this here and here. If you would like to pass on ownership, you will have to remove the devices from your account and then set them up on her account.