How to capture video not marked as motion/people/live?

Last night, there was an incident just outside my home but the doorbell didn’t pick up most of it. A truck that usually sets off the motion, came down the street and parked next door. No motion notice this time but another truck came right behind him and the driver was threatening him and there was an argument with people walking right in front of my house where I have gotten people or motion notices before. After the argument, the second truck drove out of view, again no motion notice. The police parked on the other side past my sidewalk and walked past my house, no video. The only video caught was the police car driving away, some live view that I took of the neighbors talking. Is there a way to capture the in between things when people were walking back and forth in front of my house and arguing? And when the police arrived and walked past my house? It picks up joggers and walkers all the time. When something important happens it doesn’t. It’s actually very slow on pick up other times, never catches the mailman till he’s walking away, says delivery is motion not a person. Ugh. The time between ring and view is long so people walk away or I have to go to the door anyway. Help.

Hi @maildenisem! Whenever motion events are missed, the best thing to check first are the motion options in the RIng app. There are various options available, with many possible combinations of features, so the best method at optimizing motion detection is through trial and error.

Features like People Only Mode or Modes are often used to adjust notifications, triggering objects, and choosing when to receive alerts/ recordings. I recommend checking on Motion Frequency, if you have a battery powered device. Motion Frequency is designed to preserve your battery in high traffic areas, by avoiding excessive motion detection. Setting this to “Frequent” will ensure that all motions are captured, even when they are back to back.

Besides motion settings, variables such as mounting height, distance to the street, and even wifi signal are worth considering to ensure for optimal operation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: