How To: Adjust Chime and Chime Pro Volume

Sorry for not being very clear. I was referring to the chime volume on my phone.

I have all volume controls that I am aware of on max and the chime still sounds low.

Hi @Dano52. Thank you for clearing that up. To do what you’re asking, follow these steps- Menu > Devices > (Ring Device) > Devices Settings > Alert Settings >App Alert Tones and slide the volume bar. I hope this helps!

Thank to Caitlyn I have successfully sorted out the Chime - selected a ring tone and adjused the volume for same. The problem (if it is a problem) is that when we ring the doorbell it rings another ring tone outside, before it rings our chosen ring tone inside.

There are times when someone goes in or out of the door I get the doorbell ring on my mobile. I wanted to know if (a) this is the norm; and (b) if the volume of the doorbell chime and any conversation held with some one at the door, can be lowered in volume. Thanks for the help already given.

Hi @HzTh. That is the intended behavior of the Doorbell and Chime, as the Chime will play its alert after the Doorbell finishes playing its alert. As for the volume, you can adjust the Doorbell ringer volume so that the alert sound the Doorbell itself plays can be lower or higher depending on your settings. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Ring App and tap the 3 lines at the top left.
  • Tap Devices and then tap your Doorbell.
  • Tap Device Settings and choose General Settings.
  • Adjust the Doorbell Ringer Volume slider.

This will change the volume of the ringer on the Doorbell itself whenever it is rung. There is not an option to change the volume of any conversations had with visitors at the door, as the Doorbell Ringer Volume setting does not affect the speaker when the two-way audio is being used. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,

Thank you so much for the help given with our Doorbell and Chime.

One last question - if we decided not to go with Ring Protect Basic, does this mean there is no video history whatsoever of happenings seen by the doorbell?

Take care,

@HzTh You’re welcome, I’m happy to help! Yes, you are correct. Without an active Ring Protect Basic or Plus subscription for your Doorbell, you will be unable to view previously recorded events in the Ring App. You’ll still be able to receive notifications and access Live View to see who is there in real-time, but you won’t be able to view any recordings without a subscription. You can learn more about Ring Protect plans in this Help Center Article. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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