How much data usage does the Alarm Pro base station use? Jobsite Security Kit


We recently purchased the orange Jobsite Security Kit for our jobsites; my understanding is that we can use ethernet OR cellular data only for the base station. Given that our jobsites don’t always have access to ethernet, I was wondering what the typical amount of data used for this kit. Does the base station only use wifi when the sensors go off, or does it constantly need to use data to process?

The included 3gb was used up rather quickly, but the video camera didn’t have a schedule set up, would this be a huge factor in saving data?

This can vary by usage and devices connected. When no internet service is available, Alarm Pro uses 24/7 Backup Internet which includes cellular data to keep the alarm system, eero wifi network, and everything using wifi (including Ring cameras) connected to the internet.

To manage and monitor you data usage, there is a Data tile in the Ring app, which can help you greatly for fine tuning. Check out our Help Center article about Backup Internet, Extra Data, and Managing Data. :slight_smile: