How Motion Events Affect Your Battery Devices

The more events your battery powered Ring device experiences the faster its battery will drain. There are other components that affect your battery such as RSSI and weather. You can learn more about those in this Community article here.

When your device alerts you to a motion or ding event and begins recording, this will use battery power, even if you do not open the Live View notification. The reason this uses the battery is that it is recording and connecting to the Ring cloud where your videos are stored. The more times this happens in a day the faster your battery will drain. For example, how a smartphone might stay charged for days with no activity, but could also drain completely within hours with frequent use.

If your device is alerting you to a large number of events per day that you consider “false events” such as cars or people walking by on the sidewalk, it would be helpful to check out this article for optimizing your motion settings article here in the Ring Help Center.