How it Works: Ring App Motion Schedules

Why set a Motion Schedule?

Once you install your Video Doorbell or Security Cam, you may notice recurring events that cause you to receive multiple motion alerts during a certain time period every week. For example, my mail person triggers my Doorbell Motion Zones around 2pm Monday through Friday when they bring my mail. If you don’t want motion alerts for these repetitive events, setting a Motion Schedule during this time frame will ease the number of known alerts you receive at the same time each week.

How it Works

When you set a motion schedule, your Ring app will not alert you during the specific periods of time you select, but your device will still record these events.

Note: Your device’s recordings will only be available if you are signed up for one of our Protect Plans or are currently enrolled in a 30-day free trial.

Setting Your Motion Schedule

  • Step One: Open the main menu in the top left corner of the Ring app, select Devices Then pick the Cam or Doorbell you would like to create the schedule for and select Motion Settings.
  • Step Two: Select Motion Schedule in the Advanced Settings section.
  • Step Three: Here you can see all your past motion schedules. To add a new one, simply tap the plus sign or select ADD A NEW RULE.

Add a New Rule

  • Step Four: Choose the time frame and days that you would like this motion schedule to repeat. Also, make sure to name it something before tapping save.

Name Motion Schedule Rule

  • Step Five: Once you have saved your motion setting, it should appear in the list. You can turn off any Motion Schedule Rule by tapping the toggle off. If you prefer to delete it, swipe left on the rule you want to remove and tap Delete.


You must turn off or delete the rule in order to receive motion alerts during the days and times designated in your motion schedules.