How it Works: Ring App Authorized Client Devices

What is the Authorized Client Devices list?

It is a list of all the phones, tablets, and computers that have ever logged into your Ring account via the Ring website or Ring mobile apps (Ring, Neighbors, or Rapid Ring). If your phones, tablets, and computers have multiple Ring apps, each app will be listed as a separate device. Example: If you log into your Ring account on a computer in a web browser it will show the device type and “ring-site.” See the example below.

Where can I find my Authorized Client Devices list?

Open your iOS or Android Ring app > Open the main menu in the top left corner > Select “Control Center” > Scroll down and tap “Authorized Client Device.” Here you will see your accounts authorized devices lists.

What if I don’t want these devices authorized on my account?

This list will remain there until you select the option “Remove All,” which will log out any account currently logged in, including linked integration accounts such as Alexa and SmartThings. Note: You will be logged out of the device you are accessing Control Center on, meaning you will need to log back in after selecting this option. If you have Two-Step Authentication turned on you will need to verify your account as well.

Learn more about the entire Control Center in this Ring Help Center article link.