How I got more use out of my Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) with the No Drill Mount

If you ever wondered why the No Drill Mounting options looked so attractive, it is likely due to the magnet!

Our household has recently donned the Video Doorbell 2nd Gen (2nd Gen) as the “Hall Monitor”. With the kids attending school from home, keeping them engaged and not distracted by their toys down the hall has become a full time job. That is until I tried out the No Drill Mount. The No Drill magnet mounting was perfect placement on the refrigerator, which faces their learning nook. It also doubled as pumpkin pie protection from midnight snackers! :joy:

For more options in mounting and creativity in use, in and out of the home, I highly recommend the No Drill Mount for the Video Doorbell (2nd Gen).

Pro tip: When choosing a location for this mounting option, keep in mind how metal or appliances impact wifi signal. Luckily, my router has a direct line of sight to my refrigerator, so my RSSI is optimal at -34. Of course, my Chime Pro was on standby in case my RSSI or signal path needed a little help.

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