How do I use the video part of my Pro 2?

Another beginner’s question about the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. I know it has a camera on it. I’ve seen some videos from it. But what I don’t understand is how to interact with someone who presses the button on the Pro 2. I would imagine that’s possible. I’ve seen some online videos indicating that’s possible, but i don’t get the sequence of steps. We don’t have a video enabled Echo device and we don’t have a TV that supports Amazon’s FireTV (or is it Fire Stick? I don’t know what it’s called.)

But the bottom line is how do you communicate with someone whose pressed the Pro 2’s button? What is that function called? How long can one talk with someone at the Pro 2? Is this something that’s configurable? And if it is, what is it called?

The best and intended primary way to interact with visitors at your Ring device, is via the Ring app. The Ring app is not only needed for the setup of your Video Doorbell Pro but also to optimize your preferences and interact with your Ring device events.

Here is a great Help Center article for tips on integrating your Ring device to your Alexa devices for additional notifications and features.

Here’s another with tips on using live view. :slight_smile: