How do I return an item?

How do i reutrn an item? it says request a label in the community

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How do i return an item? it says request a label in the community

Hello @shainecole ,

This here is a Forum Community for peer-to-peer sharing and advice help from other Ring owners. For Returning a Ring product that you purchased from Ring, you begin the process by contacting Ring Support (in USA, 1-800-656-1918). For outside the USA and also for more details on returning purchases, here’s the link:

Have your Shipping and Order number of the Ring product that you wish to return handy. The Ring representative will also need your Email address that you use for your Ring account. They will begin confirming you are really you, by sending a Verification code to your email, which you can then tell the representative. Everything about your previous purchase is based on that Shipping number (should be on your emailed receipt). You can expect to get emailed a Shipping Label soon after that (maybe in a day or two, if not faster).

Package up your Return item, and then print and attach the Shipping label and mail it. You should track your item. Once it arrives back, it will be logged in and inspected, and you should receive a credit back, which normally takes 7 to 10 business days. There have been some minor adjustments/delays/manning issue all due to the Covid-19 crisis, so it could take as much as 12 business days. If for some reason you don’t see a refund on your credit card after this period, I recommend you call back again.

The Return and Refund process is pretty smooth and painless, but it does involve the shipping and processing time delay. I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile:

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