How do I reconnect to wifi if my device i in Mexico?

I have an unusual question.

I set my indoor camera in Mexico at my elder parents’ home, so I can watch from home here in the USA their caretakers. Everything was working perfectly until the internet modem had to be upgraded and now the app in my phone is telling me that my device is offline. If I try to reconnect I got a message telling me that it’s unable to join the network “Ring Setup 28” I don’t know what to do. Can someone please help me?

Hey @irmaroga. You will need to be with the device to get it online and set up again. Do you have anyone that could be at the location, log into your Ring app/account, and set up the device again? It must be set up from the owner’s account, so if you can get someone at the location that can walk through the steps to reconnect it to wifi under the Device Health section, this should work for you! :slight_smile: