How do I know if my ring doorbell in connected to hard wire

Hi we have just hard wired our ring doorbell, but when I go on settings it only shows the battery % how will I know if the hard wire is working & connected

Hi @Linny40. What model of Ring Doorbell do you have, and how is it being powered? You should be able to find which Doorbell you have by checking the packaging, the back of the Doorbell itself, or the Device Health page in the Ring App. Is it wired to an existing doorbell system, directly to a low-voltage transformer, or are you using a Plug-In Adapter?

Hi I have 1st gen which was powered by battery. We purchased the plug & wire for the doorbell 2 but after doing as mentioned on the fb group it’s still saying it’s only powered by battery. Cannot see how to change it. We have checked & there is power going to the transformer but doesn’t seem to be connected to the doorbell