How do I get the ring app pop up take me to live view immediately?

When I get a popup notification I would like to be able to click on it and be taken to the live view of the doorbell. Currently about half the time i click on it and it takes me to the ring app and then after 5 to 10 seconds the live view opens and will usually load. The other half of the time it takes me to the ring app and then just stays on the last window of the app I was in and takes forever to let me get into the live view. I have a samsung A01 and rapid ring installed.

Hi @PuckTheDuck. To get to Live View from a notification, just tap on the notification and it should take you to the corresponding app, Ring app or Rapid Ring, and open Live View. I’ve opted to have my alerts come through the Rapid Ring app because I find it to load much quicker than the regular Ring app. Try testing this with wifi on to see if it yields better results compared to cellular data. I hope this helps!