housebell many times

I have a new Ring Doorbell.

It works fine.

But when I put the bellbutton then

the doorbell rings (blue light at the button).

after 1 minutes the housebell ring a very long time (white ligzh at the button)


after one mints the housebell tings again

how can I change this?

housebell must ring inly one time.

can someone help?

sorry for my rnglish.

thang you Jürgen (Germany)

Hey @juelin! If you have a Doorbell Pro, there is a chime type option in the app which you can select digital or mechanical. Otherwise, please check that the wires are not too thin and they are securely connected to the back of the Doorbell and not touching/ crossing.

Something else worth checking is our Chime Kit Compatibility list to ensure your chime will work with the Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: