Hours of Community

Hi neighbors! Can you believe the Community has been around for almost 10 months?! How is everyone liking it?

We love it! We love seeing neighbors help one another and assist with questions and concerns. We also have had an awesome time with our contests and look forward to more fun posts in the near future! We also appreciate your patience while we scan the boards and chime in :slight_smile: That being said, I wanted to let you know the Community Moderators operating hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM (PST). If you requre immediate assistance, please give our 24/7 support team a call at 800-656-1918.

Thanks for being awesome neighbors!

This phne number rings in the **Philippines. ** Support is not effective. Is there a US phone number available for repeat issues?

Glad you asked! Our support team can be reached and are happy to assist at any time, at 800-656-1918. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: