Horrendous Experience with Shipping and Returns

My whole shipping and returns experience this last order has been one disappointment after another. I had a big order back in June that included an Echo 10 which we never received. After calling support a couple times they said they were out of stock and back ordered. The third time I called was last week and they were able to verify that my order was not fulfilled. Today I received the Echo 10 and the screen does not work properly. It flashes and has lines from top to bottom rendering it useless. Now I am on hold with support for over 30 minutes trying to return the stupid thing. They better send another unit. This whole experience has been a nightmare. :unamused:

Hi @ringerone. It is unfortunate that you are having this experience. I suggest asking for a supervisor to handle this situation for you. Be sure they send you a follow up email so, if needed, you can communicate once your call has ended. This should be escalated to our Account Logistics Team and you should hear back after a few business days.

I believe everything will be sorted out soon. Thanks.

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