Honeywell Smart Switch compatibility

Bought Honeywell Z wave Smart Switch that says it’s compatible with Ring Bridge but I cannot see where it allows me to add it. I scan the QRcode but app does not recognize. Tried manual add but smart switch is not listed as device. How can I connect?

Hey @Erin. Any certified Works With Ring Z-Wave devices must be added to the Ring Alarm Base Station, and not the Ring Bridge, as the Bridge communicates on a type of radio frequency and the Base Station communicates on Z-Wave. You can find a list of all compatible devices for the Base Station here, but my apologizes as I do not see a Honeywell device listed here, so I’m not sure where you read about this compatibility.

I just bought a Honeywell smart switch and on the box it says it is comparable with Ring

Hi @Joengbarth. Thanks for providing that picture. That switch can be added to the Ring Alarm Base Station. Be sure to select Works With Ring when adding this to the Ring Alarm system. :smiley:

When I go to add to the base station which category of device do I select? There does not seem to be a light switch option or a works with ring option from the initial add

Hi @Joengbarth. You will select Security Devices, then select Works With Ring. Just follow the on screen prompts and you’ll be good to go! If you run into any issues, try bringing the Base Station closer. I hope this helps!