Home Monitoring wont accept phone number for emergency contact

I’m trying to set up home monitoring in the app but when I get to the emergency contacts it wont accept the phone numbers. It keeps saying “invalid phone number”.

The pic is what I see after I input the last didgit.

Is the problem that is says “US” but I’m in Canada? Wouldn’t think so because it’s the same country code…

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I’m trying to signup for ring professional monitoring but every time I try to enter my phone number it says to please enter a valid phone number

Hey @JonBates. Thank you so much for bringing this concern to the Community! This is a concern our teams are aware of at this time with this error happening in the iOS app. If you can, please go to Ring.com and access your settings from here to sign up for the Professional Monitoring on the website. This should all the numbers to be accepted. You will go to Ring.com > Log In at the top right > Hover over your name once logged in > Settings. :slight_smile: