home/away mode stick up camera

Is there a home/away setting similar to the Amazon cloud cam? Since Amazon bought Ring I assumed similar features. All I can find on the Ring camera is the schedule feature. The Amazon cloud worked off bluetooth, when the camera detected my phone it would shut off. When I leave and the camera no longer detected my bluetooth it would come on again.

Hey @Dakota. We actually have a new feature that is very similar to what you’re looking for! Please read more about the “Modes” feature here. Make sure to always keep your app up to date so you can start utilizing this!

I just downloaded the app 2 days ago and it does not show elegible for an update. However, when I open the app the 3 lines are in the upper left, not right. When I click those lines I do not see a “Modes Settings” option. I do not have the RING alarm, only a camera

I have app 5.20.0

Hi @Dakota! Thanks for checking! This feature started to roll out in November, and should reach all our neighbors this month. We appreciate the patience in the meantime, so make sure to keep your app up to date and utilize this feature when it become available to you. :smiley_cat:

Not sure how to suggest a feature, but it would be great if it worked via bluetooth connecttion so that no manual mode switching is necessary. You have the technology already. Thanks for the info


Do you have to have the full security system to access the home/away modes? I just bought my camera today and my app is up to date, but I have no ability to turn off recording while I am at home. What I want is for the indoor cameras to turn off when I am at home and turn on when I am away. I was previously using Canary cameras and they were able to do this and I have had those cameras for almost 4 years.

Hi I do not see that app has Modesin the options does this refer to a USA regional feature as,I’m in Australia ?

My app still does not include a feature for this. I am manually turning cameras on and off every time I leave the house. I only have access to cameras, not an entire system

You are not alone. Late last summer Ring announced this feature and said it would be available in November. When that didn’t happen Ring claimed they were doing a “slow rollout” to all customers. Even in this thread a Ring employee stated all customers would have it in December. Well now it’s mid-January and nearly everyone on this forum mentioning this feature has still not seen it. In fact I’ve only seen ONE person who says he got the update and he started the “Modes Update Concern” thread and stated that it doesn’t even stop recording and only stops NOTIFICATIONS. On top of that this is the same company that promised HomeKit support on their Video Doorbells for YEARS and never delivered. So take anything they say about new features with a grain of salt.

Now I do have the mode where I can easily turn notifications on and off, but not recording on and off easily. If that is the feature they were pitching here they flat out mislead us

I woke up this morning and the Modes feature was finally available for me. And I’m pleased to report that it does NOT simply disable notifications as I had feared. You are able to configure it so that Record Motion and/or Live View are enabled or disabled automatically when you select a certain mode (Disarmed, Home, Away). Ring implemented this feature exactly like I hoped they would. Now if they would just let me switch modes with Siri … :slight_smile:

Home mode still not showing up and just updated to 5.22.3. When will it be available? Thanks

I just purchased two gen 3 stick up cameras assuming the “modes” feature would be available since it was supposed to be rolled out in November/December 2019. I’m highly disappointed to say this it is not available to me. I have the updated version of the app.

Check out this thread, where neighbors are talking about Modes . Please remember, The Modes feature started rolling out November 25th, 2019 and will continue to slow roll to Ring accounts until all neighbors have this feature. Ring has millions of users, so we have to conduct phased rollouts. We appreciate your patience!

Would you know if this feature is available in the UK yet ? I have a Nest camera which switches on and off when I leave or return from the property.