Home arming as chirp only

When arming HOME mode, it would be great to have alarm only chirp and not trigger a siren or central monitoring. This way, at night the system would only alert you by chirp after arming, and chirp volume could be left at a loud volume. Right now, if someone comes in late or leaves early, it wakes you up. It is not currently possible to turn chirps off globally for the keypad by mode. The base station will do this, but I want the keypad in my bedroom loud if triggered, then off in the morning if the system is disabled. This is a simple software improvement that would allow HOME mode to be used as alert-only when armed.

Or the option to have chirps switched off when disarmed but on when in home or away mode. Then if you come home or open a door when the alarm is set, you hear the chirp and it will give you the time until the alarm goes off to disarm the alarm. (For main doors with a delay on the alarm sound l)