History : Who activated Started Exit delay?

Have two other family members having the App.

The History provide detail on who activated Started Exit delay. ? How please.!!

Great question, @juniorjra! The Alarm event history found in your Ring app and when logged in at Ring.com, will certainly provide adequate information regarding Alarm events. In addition to Motion detected, Sensors open/ closed, and modes changes, your Alarm history should specify who initiated the mode change (ex: Alarm disarmed from app by Marley).

This will work best if your family and friends are added as Shared Users. Feel free to check out our help center article about users and roles with Alarm for more information! :slight_smile:

My users have full right “ shared “ . Any option above?

My System provide details of who trigger to change status over the keypad or when status have been completed by the APP.

When is on Started …stage . i don’t have details of who trigger On.

Any other option??


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Glad you asked, and I’m happy to clarify further. The status of who made the mode change will appear based on Ring app account used, or Ring Alarm Keypad pin used. A shared user using their own Ring app to arm/ disarm your Alarm, will display in your Alarm history with their Ring account name. When a shared user uses their unique PIN/ access code on the Keypad, this will show up in your Alarm history with the name that is assigned the PIN/ access code used. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks For your inputs!!

On my previous picture you can see “Started exit delay “ twice.

At the time of system report “ Started you don’t know who did it. !! System provided info at the completion.

Is any way I can improve that?

Thanks again


I see now what you were referring to, thank you for that picture @juniorjra. While this “Started exit delay” can not be added to include by who, once the delay completes and arms it will display the name of the user in the next armed mode event. Therefore, the only time a name wouldn’t pop up is if a user were to start the exit delay but then cancel it before the mode actually changed to home/ away armed.