History Videos

Just installed a Ring Pro 2 doorbell and it all works fine expect one thing. We have the app on 2 phones. On my husbands Samsung, when you select the history tab, and click on an event, the videos refuse to play. An error message appears stating: “Hmm, something when wrong. There was an error while trying to play the video”.

I don’t believe the issue is signal as there is a good wifi connection and the history tab videos play fine on my phone (nokia) which is sat right next to my husbands phone and within 2 metres of the router.

Also, the videos will play if I click on the camera and select from the timeline, its just via the history tab there is a problem.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I’ve checked that all permissions are granted including camera and media.

Can anyone suggest any reasons why history event videos will not play?

As long as connection to both the Ring device and the mobile device in question is optimal, video should certainly stream from the History section as intended. As this is an Android device, please ensure there are not any Android apps that conflict with the Ring app. I recommend also making sure there is no VPN enabled on the mobile device.

It is a great sign to see the Ring app features and history is working on one mobile device, as this means your Ring device and Ring app are working as intended. If the above tips do not work, try comparing these mobile devices to see any other differences. :slight_smile: