History not deleting on Share User side

Hello, when I clear ring history on my app, it usually clear my mom app as well. Tho this week , my mom ring app does not clear. I have try clearing cache, data and sign back in her account and the history list is still showing on my mom phone and when selecting it display “Hmm. Something went wrong. The action you selected is not available at this time. ShareServiceException”.

It a Samsung Galaxy S20+

I even log in to the Ring website and still display history list even tho it deleted.


Hi there, @Peaceke! If you are looking to delete stored videos/ events from an owners account, while being a shared user, this is unable to be done. Check out our Share User help center article which mentions a Shared User cannot:

  • Delete stored videos or shared videos.
  • Delete devices from your account.
  • Change or adjust any device settings.
  • Add other Shared Users.