History filter by time

Add feature to Ring app to allow users to filter history of recorded events based on time of day, for example: filter/show events that only occurred between 11pm and 5:30am, so that only late night motion events are shown to the user while the filter is applied. This would make it easier to review the motion events during the User specified time of day filtered range, without regard to the actual date.


Yes please!

Yes this makes sense , I am really intrested in looked back once a week over the night time period say midnight till 6am. At present his takes ages.

I’d really like this feature as well. Having to constantly scroll back takes up way too much time. Filtering videos based on time is a standard feature with any other video system.

I was just about to request this feature! I only care to see alerts that occur during the night (since I’m home all the time these days)! But there’s no way to filter out all the events that occur as we move about the outside of the house during the day. Please add some way to choose hours of interest for viewing events–I personally only care to see what happens between 9PM and 5AM. Thanks!


Surely the might of Amazon could add this in 30mins flat. I have 3 cameras and the app is almost unusable when needed to search for specific events

yes, I want to see videos only from overnight across days or weeks.

Agree with all of the above! If the same event happens day-after-day at the same time, it would be great to look across a series of days, but only show events during a specific time parameter, e.g. 10PM to 6AM for the last month. Especially the overnight hours, you’re less likely to get the multitude of events that you get during the day time, much easier to find irregular events that way.

Yes please! I have a lot of traffic in my apartment hallway and it takes a long time to scroll through all the “motion” clips when I’m only interested in motion captured from 11pm-4am. I’m the in process of gathering evidence to evict a neighbour that generate excessive noise after 11pm.