History Delete Delay

Hey Ring people,
Having issues with a major delay and or, Videos not deleting after deleting until you either back out one step or exit all together?
This just started recently.
The delay on the system latency on the videos has gotten worse also.
From the time a person either rings the doorbell or walks through a motion and we try to answer. They are already leaving.
I’m a Low Voltage Journeyman Engineer and have been working on IoT for many years.
My Internet and wifi is running min. 100 Meg / 20 Meg. With 3 wifi extenders on both far ends of our home. With a strong brand new 4 point router in the center of the home. Everything else wifi runs perfect but in the last year Rings is lagging behind. Any takers on the issue?

Hi there, @makrellcom! Just to reiterate for my understanding, in your experience, you are still confirming these events are indeed deleted despite there being a delay, or not reflecting as such while remaining on the event history page in the Ring app? Or are there times when the event does not actually delete as well?

Please ensure this is being done without a vpn enabled on your mobile device, as well as try testing with the mobile device connected to wifi only, and then on cellular data only. This will rule out many connection variables. Feel free to also confirm what mobile device OS you are using, in case this concern persists, so we can assist further. :slight_smile: