HEVC not supported? Not true as other are showing camera preview but one is not

Why in the same browser on the Dashboard would one of fifteen cameras say the browser does not support cameras preview, while all the others (same model and version) have no problem? All on the same browser tab. Why?


Today a second one of fifteen has decided to do the same. Tech support has no answers and can’t explain it. Ugh!

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Tested different browsers also, same issue, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. same issue in all.

Oh my gosh! It’s spreading to more camera previews. I just spoke again with tech support and they did not know about this issue. It has now been reported to engineering. Ugh!

Now it’s getting very strange. Some camera previews that had stopped appearing are now apprearing again, and others that were appearing have now stopped. Ring’s got issues.

Has this been resolved for you? My camera is doing the same thing. Now also the history motion videos are a blank screen but you can hear audio.

Hi neighbors. What Ring camera models do you have that this is happening to? Is it only happening on Ring.com, or is it also doing the same thing in the Ring app? Have you tried rebooting the Cameras and your WiFi router? Have you also enabled Legacy Mode as instructed by the notification that pops up?

Seeing this same issue on the ring.com website. Only started affecting live view on one of my devices and only a few hours ago. Browser supports the HEVC but something on Rings end is broke. Enabling legacy mode would fix that camera using an older codec but would also remove historical videos so that isnt a solution to this issue.

Hi neighbors. We’re sorry to hear Ring.com is no longer showing video and preview tiles for your devices; rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, as a temporary workaround, you can enable Legacy Video Mode. To enable this feature, follow these steps on the Ring app:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Choose the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner).
  • Select your Ring device
  • Tap Device Setting
  • Tap Video Settings
  • Select Legacy Video Mode and toggle it on

For now, I have accepted this response as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and the team is investigating, this is a helpful way for other neighbors who come into this thread to try the suggested workaround. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you.

I can help them isolate a time frame between today at 12:57pm EST and 1:02pm EST today Feb 2 as to when one of the cameras on my account started this behavior if that helps.

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Why would lowering functionality be a resolution? This just started in Firefox and chrome. works great on the phone. So there no issues on our end. But I have a battery stickup outdoor cam. out of 8 cameras only one is doing this and firmware is up to date. This started happening about 3 hours ago.

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Same issue - have 7 ring devices. Had to select legacy mode in the BROWSER on ring site to see video. When i go to the device settings on my iPhone - THERE IS NO LEGACY VIDEO SETTING - None

I agree. I should have checked the community first. I first called ring and they acted as if they knew nothing and sent me to Amazon where that person tried for 2 hours to resolve the issue. Even went so far as to reset my echo device. Now I have to remember how to set it back up to stop all of the insane and annoying pop-ups on the screen. But then she sent me right back to ring and a new tick still acted as if he didn’t know what was going on. The only solution was to downgrade back to legacy mode. I didn’t want to but I needed some video because I’m in a cast and being able to tell a device to show me the screen is so much better than always having to open up one of my devices especially if I don’t have it right at hand. I now want to know how to get back to HEVC mode but can’t seem to find that anywhere.

Happened for me too this afternoon. Two (so far) of numerous cameras are now unable to view video events via web browser (Firefox). Error shown is “(camera) is using a modern video format called HEVC that is not supported on this browser. To view videos in the future, turn on Legacy Video mode for (camera)”. I don’t find options either on the iPhone app or web browser to turn on Legacy Video Mode.

“… as a temporary workaround, you can enable Legacy Video Mode. This will erase your previous history, so we strongly advise you to download any videos you require before enabling this feature.”

Sorry, what? you are saying this will erase all previous videos? I don’t see that as a valid option. Ring Protect plans include Video History. Having to download all videos “now”, or lose them demonstrates very poor planning from Ring. Suggest immediately rolling back the apparent mass deployment of “opt out” HEVC, and offer it as “opt in”, at least for a reasonable transitional period.

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This is slowly effecting more of my cameras as well. Started with one the other day and now it has spread to two. Hopefully there is a permanent fix instead of the workaround soon.

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This started happening to me around 5:30pm-6pm today. 02/02/2023. I keep getting notifications on my phone saying live view is not available for older models please switch to legacy. Why? It worked just fine before on my brand new iPhone 14 pro max. It’s not an older model phone and my echo show will no longer show live video. Spoke to ring customer service rep on Twitter and they said to switch to legacy as my devices will not work with the hevc. Unacceptable. Hopefully a fix will happen soon.

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This is now happening to me too! 1 out of 6 cameras won’t show preview, other 5 are fine. All show up on Android app. No recent history showing for the missing camera either. Can’t do legacy mode as it gives me an error. Camera is a FloodLight cam v3

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Just called tech support about the issue, they tell me I have to factory reset the camera in order to trouble shoot the issue. Camera is an hours drive away. This is crazy.

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Just happened to me today!

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Me, too! Very frustrating!

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