Help with Ring Doorbell Pro 2

I am purchasing a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 second hand and have a couple questions regarding install… My house has an existing doorbell that I presently have a Wyze doorbell camera installed. I know I have to install the ring transformer to the wires at my existing chime to power the doorbell itself. My question is… my chime is physically broken… I presently have the wires bypassing my existing chime as the Wyze one also needs its own transformer wired it… The wyze doorbell announces visitors via amazon dots… Will I be able to wire this doorbell to the existing wiring using the Ring Transformer like my wyze one? Also… if my chime is physically broken… will the alerts come through my echo dots like my wyze ones do? Any help you can give would be great.

Short answer, yes.

The Video Doorbell Pro 2 will come with a Pro Power Kit, which can be used in bypass mode. This will allow you to wire directly to your transformer properly. Check out the manual in the Help Center article below for instruction on installing this. :slight_smile: