Help with outdoor camera selection

I live at the entrance of a cul-de-sac. Without a ‘no outlet/deadend’ sign we get an a lot of traffic entering and turning around. Occasionally one very slowly drives as if scouting the houses. A neighbor in the top corner recently had her car stolen from inside a locked garage, while they were home sleeping.

I have a Doorbell 3 already. I would like to add a battery powered camera facing the cul-de-sac to capture vehicles (and license plates) if something occurs. This would only be shared with law enforcement on request.

For 50-75 ft distance is there a model that would be better?

I believe the detection range on all Ring cameras is only about 30 feet so your 50-75 feet is way beyond that. Plus, the resolution would not be good enough to read license plates.

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Thanks for the response and chart. I figured I was pushing the limits.