Help with new "Temporary" install

I’ve wired my Ring Doorbell Wired on a long lead because I wanted to find the most advantageous place to mount it on my UPVC Glazed Door /Screen.
I’m a little perturbed that the banner at the bottom of my phone’s screen tells me that there are “29 days to go”
That really annoys me, since I have not given consent to the use of the Free Cloud trial yet.
The reason I’m annoyed is that having decided upon the most advantageous view point for mounting the unit, I will be disconnecting it until my Glazier can arrive to help me with routing the wire through the UPVC Channels without damaging the Glazing units, and that will not be for at least a month, at which point I would decide when to take advantage of the trial offer.

Before I disconnect my temporary wiring, I would also like to set up the link with ALEXA in order to be able to use Alexa as the Ring tone.
Can anyone tell me just how this can be achieved?
Grateful thanks

As soon as you added a device to your account you started your 30 day window. By doing that you gave your consent.
As for Alexa you need to setup a Ring Skill on the device you want to use.

Thanks for that, really struggling with alexa, one of my 2 Dots responds to both movement and chimes as bell is pushed, the other does neither and I have an amazon fire 7inch tablet which is painfully slow but will oblige if requested to to “Show Front Door”
The other DOT in my bedroom is oblivious!
Despite these inconsistencies, all three are “Set” to respond to both movement and bell presses.
Only my phone does it all!

Hi @Theracles. Is the DOT in your bedroom setup with the same email address as the others? If not, that could be the reason it is not integrating. This Help Center article here has some information on the integration process.

Hi Tom_Ring and Solar Eclipse. Thanks for your advice.
I’ve now disconnected the Doorbell, but cannot be certain that the bedroom Dot wasn’t responding, since I live alone and couldn’t run up stairs fast enough to hear if that unit was indeed responding. :grin:
Not sure if it would have any bearing, but the bedroom Dot is permanently BT connected to an old phone for soothing music duties!
Or it may have just been drowned out by the one in my Lounge, which is set to a higher volume!
As for the Amazon Fire Tablet, it is as they say, “too slow to catch a cold”!
Only any use for displaying cooking recipes and playing music via a BT Speaker!

Sorry, Tom_Ring I omitted to mention, yes both my Dots and my Fire tablet are set up via the same Email address.

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