Help with motion options

I have an indoor camera and a spotlight camera, both give you the option to only alert you to a person trigering it while ignoring anything else. Why doesn’t my doorbell 2 have that option? My front door is facing a street so I have my sensitivity turned all the way down but that includes vehicles as well as people walking buy. I would like to be able to adjust vehicle detection and pedestrian detection separately. Someone please help.

Hey @themuffinman75, thank you for your feedback on this! At this time, since the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a battery powered device, it will have different options for motion detection then our wired powered devices have. You can learn more about the motion detection for your Doorbell here.

I don’t see how having that option would reduce battery performance. Also, my doorbell 2 is hardwired so even if it would affect battery life it should be an additional option if you have a hardwired set up. I did a lot of research before I ended up with a doorbell 2 and this was one thing that I only found out after installing it. So it looks like the doorbell pro would be the better option.