Help wiring Ring Pro. (Cant find solution)

Hello. Bought Ring pro about 6months ago and it worked only for a few weeks before turning off and co stantly dropping power.
Some people told me i need to install the bypass kit.
But im not sure how and where i need to put the bypass wires into the transformer (not using existing doorbell)
Heres a picture of my current wiring.
Please help. I loved this product when it worked ;/

Found this on Youtube:

Hopefully it helps.

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Sorry but doesnt help :confused: have a completely different setup.
Basically everything is installed by the ring manual but not the bypass (dont own a chime so idk whete to put it)

Hi @Yarodao! Since you do not have a chime kit, you will want to refer to our help center article about bypassing, of course, without the steps specific to a chime kit. If this does not help with your current scenario, please reach out to our support team for further assistance with wiring your Pro direct to the transformer.

We also offer a Plug-In Adapter for this wiring scenario, which does not require a bypass kit or cable to install. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Bought a power supply now this is happening.
After about 10minutes it turns of and i can turn it on only by pluging in an back again or a white solid light lights up at the lower quadrant.

Thank you for that video example @Yarodao! It looks like this device is powering up as intended. After letting it sit on power for some time, try initiating setup mode by pressing the button on the side of the Doorbell Pro. If it does not enter setup mode, please reset the device by holding the setup button for 20 seconds.

A setup should successfully complete. If it does not, our support team would be able to assist further.