help to purchase a full system security setup


I don’t understand why Ring getting bigger every day but the customer service getting worse every day, few months a go i was able to contact them by email and now they asked me to ask the community, anyways… Since i live in thailand it’s not easy for me to call the callcenter so i’ll try to explain in this message.

I’m already a happy ring customer at my actual House in Thailand, and I’m building a new house ( still in Thailand ) . The new house will have 9 rooms, 2 entrances etc… but for this one i do prefer to use a wired (poe) installation instead of wireless/battery like the one i have now, and i would like to see the list of ring POE products, the website it’s a bit confusing when i’m looking for something and i only found a stick up cam with a POE input, what I’m looking for is:

Video doorbells with POE ( with the possibility to open the gates if possible )
Cameras with POE ( better if with led light on it )
I was also looking into ring security package but i’m not sure how it works, if wired or wireless with a battery? how about the full security system with smoke,door,flood,movement detectors etc…
I was looking the solar pathlight but i’m not sure how it’s connected to my network, i need the ring bridge but how the lamps are connected to the ring bridge and how the ring bridge is connected to my network? how far the bridge can be from the house?

Sorry for the many questions but i need to know all the details before piping the new house, having a reseller or a technician in Thailand will be great.

Hoping one of the Ring staff will read my message i would like to thank the community if you can support me on this.