Help setup Doorbot

I’m from Brazil, I have a 1.0 bell, I can’t install it. always an error when connecting to Wi-Fi. I’ve tried it on several routers and other mobile devices. an installation is not right. It tries to connect a Ring-d68acb ring, but Doorbot has a doorbotAp_D68ACB ring. and Doorbot is not on the list of devices. how to do to install a Doorbot 1.0?

Hey @Enderson. Sorry to ask, but can you send a picture of the Doorbot to us to ensure we are looking at the right device! My apologises, just been awhile since I’ve seen a Doorbot. :joy_cat:

the photos of the device are these:


@Enderson Thanks for getting back to me! That is indeed our very first Doorbell, the Doorbot. Unfortunately at this time, the Doorbot is no longer supported in our Ring app to be added and set up. My apologises for this, but I recommend trying to return this if recently bought. Let me know if you. have any other questions or concerns! :slight_smile:

Is any old app available for original DoorBot 1.0?

Or it just became paperweight?

No free replacement for people who supported DoorBot at crowdfunding times before it became a bit thing?



Hi @rudnix, happy to chime in here. There is no old version of the Ring App available to support the Doorbot, and the Doorbot is no longer supported on the current version of the Ring App. While there is no replacement program for the Doorbot, you can check out all of the current models of Doorbells we have available on our website here. :slight_smile: