Help needed to determine existing transformer suitability

Hi friendly people!

I am living in NL and would like to install the Video Doorbell Wired. On the product website, it states that the doorbell wiring needs to meet these specs: 8-24 VAC, 10-40VA, 50/60 Hz.

I have the below doorbell transformer, but unfortunately I do not see a VAC or VA rating. Could anyone please advise whether it is suitable?

It looks like your transformer can be wired to output 8V - but is only 4VA (Volts x Amps), which is not going to be enough. You will likely need to replace the transformer with a more powerful version. Ring sell one, or you should be able to buy one locally.

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Hi @tamjiak. I agree with @groundhogday on this. This transformer appears to only be 0.5VA, which is not enough.